Monday, 4 October 2010

Letter to Optical Express


In the past couple of years I have asked five times to be removed from your postal mailing list, and each time have been assured that you will. I still receive regular mailings from you.

I don't know why you are finding it so hard to remove my details. Do you understand your legal responsibilities at all?

Here are the reference numbers from some recent mailings I have received from you:

696 007907_W147
6961 55131/02/00317144
6961 54884/02/00269263
6961 54167/02/00349250

Here are my details exactly as appears on your letters:

Mr Ian Ferguson

Isle of Wight

Here is a link to the Information Commissioner Office's very informative guidelines on Data Protection, which you might care to read up on:

Here is a link to my solicitors, who I will get involved if I have to communicate with you again:

Here is the number of times I intend to make future appointments with you:


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