Thursday, 27 March 2008

Isle of Wight to Kilkenny

I went to Ireland for a few days to use up some leave before the end of the financial year. It was a useful test of biking kit as I plan some more trips soon. These posts are tests of various ways of recording my traveling. I'm not one for lots of words and am well aware that most of my acquaintances have poor attention spans, so I'm concentrating on maps and photos if anything.

Anyway. Thursday: Home to Kilkenny (E), via the Cowes (A) to Southampton (B) ferry, a boring motorway drive, across South Wales and via the Fishguard (C) to Rosslare (D) Stena Lines ferry.

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Once in Ireland I stayed in the nearest Youth Hostel to Rosslare, Foulksrath Castle. Quite funky in that it's in a castle, apparently the oldest hostel in Ireland, but pretty basic (especially the loos and showers, a makeshift Heath Robinson affair in portacabins) and not particularly welcoming (although to be fair it's out of season and I was the only visitor apart from a group of despondent Germans who had their own room).

Disappointingly I only learnt afterwards that it's haunted - seeing as I was alone in the top room and the wind was howling all night, it would have been creepy if I knew... but if any ghosts were trying to hassle me, I slept through.

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