Sunday, 30 March 2008

Kerry to Dublin and all over the place

Another rainy day; I planned today as to get back across Ireland and have a quick look at Dublin. I was booked into a hostel in the Wicklow mountains just to the south of Dublin, as it was the next nearest to Rosslare apart from the one I stayed in on the first night. Somebody really needs to open a hostel in County Wexford!

I really can't remember the route I took, but it was mainly using the N roads, which seem to be the major arteries around Ireland. They are totally awesome for bikes, as overtaking is so easy; despite there only being one lane in either direction, the road is massively wide and cars seem ready to pull over into the hard shoulder to let you past. I'm not sure if this is required if you're going slowly or whether it's just people being polite, as some did, particularly lorries, and some didn't, particularly BMWs.

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I was going to have a nose at Dublin but the Wicklow mountains were beautiful so I ended up doing the mountain road thing again for the latter part of the afternoon.

The Glendalough youth hostel is really nice - I drove straight past it the first time as I thought it was a posh hotel. A bit busier than the previous two, as well - a whole shocking two other people in the dorm!

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