Monday, 31 March 2008

Dublin to back home... eventually

Monday 31st March - the last day of the leave year, so the last day I wanted to take off work for now. Another rather long slog - up at 6am to get down to the Rosslare - Fishguard ferry (it leaves at 9am, but they start loading an hour before).

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Then back across Wales then down towards home. I should have been home by late afternoon... but my shoulders and wrists were in agony and I was tired and bored... so I decided to avoid the motorway and take a more interesting route home. Not wise when you're tired!

I stopped for petrol in Bath and my *£$((*&@%ing TomTom sent me up some stupid back road system to get out again. I dropped my bike going round a tiny residential corner avoiding the traffic, and broke off the clutch lever. Fortunately a friendly native told me where I could find a Honda garage in Bath; unfortunately they didn't have a spare VFR clutch lever, so I had to ride back up to Bristol using the stump of the lever to get a replacement from Fowlers. I've used them before, they have a huge warehouse of brand spares for everything, but at a price.

Then back down to Bath, only to find that the A36 is completely closed for months for major roadworks, so I have to take some godforsaken reroute. I eventually got home for about 10pm and dropped straight into bed! Not a particularly exciting route home and rather a dull end to my little Irish trip, but whining about it makes me feel better :-)

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